WordPress iso-8859-15 to UTF-8

A molti di voi sono sicuro non interessa, anche se ho perso un bel po’ di tempo, ma ho cambiato charset di tutti i miei blog, impostandolo ad unicode.

Il problema si riscontrava soprattutto con i plugin, ed in particolare con quello che spedisce gli aggiornamenti dei miei articoli via email agli iscritti. Molti caratteri, infatti, si vedevano male.
Ora ho corretto il problema, in questo modo (per chi fosse interessato):
– fatto il dump del database MySQL in un file dump.sql
– da console linux, ho eseguito iconv -f iso-8859-15 -t utf-8 dump.sql –output dump-utf.sql
– caricato il mio file dump-utf.sql
– caricato phpshell
– eseguito il comando cat dump-utf.sql | mysql -h -u -p

WordPress iso-8859-15 to UTF-8

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  1. ^ donno why it says, that im logged in? (i’m defenitely not alessandro!!!)

    if i understand you right, the charset problem doesn’t happen with my plugin?! (maybe i got you wrong, but your short request was posted under my image-replacement article… so…)

    if the problem you have is that these characters aren’t available with utf-8 you should check the mimetype.php included with this theme. maybe i should have explained better… but the reason for this additional file is: i wanted my theme to be served as xhtml 1.1 correctly. saying: with the mimetype “application/xhtml+xml”. thats why the mimetype negotiation is needed. as the charset info isn’t only in the “meta”(content)-tag but also declared within the html-element, its necessary to change this value in mimetype.php to your needs, hope this helps
    and kind regards, erik

    ps: just another hint: maybe you want to delete the empty-span element from the single.php’s headline and also the inline-style from h3 within the same document because “not using” my plugin makes links on that page unclickable (see the themes documentation for info on this)

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